Requirements List

Aug 1, 2011 at 7:13 AM
Edited Jan 18, 2012 at 11:47 PM
1. Creating Blog
  - The blog engine is only for one user-account

2. Posting
  - title, content
  - editor
  - support tags
  - writer's current location (html5 support)
  - expose to the Facebook and Twitter
  - keyword URL should be provided (e.g. http://localhost/how-to-use-mystory-blog-engine )
  - embed image into the post

3. Account
  - should be able to use either openID or registered account
  - Gravatar

4. Mobile version (priority is low)
  - Posting should be so easy like twiter
  - Layout of page is to be Mobile device centric 

6. First Page of Blog
  - every title and content of posts should be listed 
  - support paging if user want
  - Tag Cloud should be displayed
  - Provide Gravata image 
  - The way to show comments should be configurable
     Opt #1. Comments on each post do not need to be shown at first time, however, if user click link to see the comments, comments should be displayed without page reloading (Ajax)
     Opt #2 Comments should be shown without clicking button or link

7. Comment
  - should be able to write comment with openID account
  - email, author's name
  - will not support Recaptcure function when user is going to comment (in order to encourage writing comment easier)
  - readers should be able to rate the post such as Like/Dislike or Helpful

8. RSS
  - RSS should be provided for all posts

9. Hosting
  - Windows Azure will host the blog ( Later )